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Drone Technology: Its drone with camera but “reinvented”

Drone technology is now in full boom with the latest entry of “lily”. Lily is a self-driving camera drone(more info at Lily  is not launched in the market yet but the start-up pulled in huge bucks $34 million in pre-orders by the end of  2015 and 60,000 units already sold

But that’s not even close to Apple Watch pre-sales , 1.2 million sold in the first day. It’s a good sign for Lily growing demand.



Camera drone lily looks cute with its rounded shape and blue LED lights. The 10.29-inch-wide by 3.22-inch-tall device can fly 50 feet up and comes equipped with a 1080 pixels HD camera.

Lily works simple as a robot video-grapher, just toss it into the air and its start recording and follow you anywhere for 20 min flying time and is even waterproof

Lily look from Inside. “Its not a Drone Its camera” as its CEO said

A pocket size tracking device ures Lily along as it uses technological wizardry to find the perfect shot.

Lily can’t be called a drone, camera drone or drone with camera. “It’s a camera,” co-founder and CEO of the company Antoine Balaresque said it.

Its evolution in technology

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